Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gadgets craziness...

Those late years I am really amaze how we are going to an increasingly gadget overload world. Let's be honest, putting aside the geeky/freaky first "woooooww! sooo cool! i want ooooneeee NOW!" moment, in general, who the hell really need these 'things'?. Moreover, if we add the fact that these 'caprices' are becoming really expensive ones, or at least too much expensive for a non indispensable object, what's the point?

Another day perhaps, if in the mood, I will talk about 'the regular yearly last updated gadget that you have to buy' (Apple, becoming boring, infernal business cycle)

But today there's... the AR.Drone! Yiiijaaaah!

(Yeah! It's so cool as pricey and 'useless'!)

and an article about it

How I see it is more like this... :)

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