Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Badminton sweat to death sunday

Just some photos from last sunday. We went to play badminton. I won't detail how much hot was playing with an unique fan in an enormous oven like indoor place...
Let's say that as the wise words of Bruce Lee "Be water, my friend", I became sweat myself, performing some kind of innovative martial art.

But that's not the only reason of this post. The thing is that this sport place is an old cinema (amazing old fashion theatrical one) that has been rearrange to have instead a 6 badminton court inside. I did some photos with my mobile but they are not terrible. Next time will have to bring my real camera. I insist an amazing place!

And a great sunday fun!

PS: Other thing, I insist, cyborg thai don't sweat!
Or I sweat too much.. perhaps. As one of them said when seeing myself wet from top to bottom: "It's funny". ha ha :)

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