Thursday, November 24, 2011

Candy break

Had seen the pizza showcase, the wok showcase and even the Din Tai Fung showcase (will have to put some photos of this one some of these days),...
but this is the first candy showcase

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'For the flys' (o la ciudad de los saquitos)

It has been more than a month like this. Water will enter Bangkok... water won't enter Bangkok...
(the lasts news are Bangkok is safe...)

So people started to prepare for the worst. Now you can do a walk around Bangkok and see how to deal with it, different ways to protect home and business entrances.

From the removable one, for the 'night and weekend' protections...

the eternal, 'saquitos por doquier' tranchees...

and the more solid, build in concrete entrances.

There are some more photos from around inner Bangkok

(note that two days ago, this wall has been already removed)

:) who would have said plastic boots would be the best sold product of the year...

And, of couse... :)

Home sweet home

After a month on exile...
here we are, back home again :)

(ooooh my dear 24'' and cintiq how hard was letting you here alone)

PS: An update of 'living surrounded by water' soon...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another weekend checking in the 'Venice of Asia'

There you have, another bunch of photos from another weekend checking (Saturday 12th November).

First try:

Última estación... Mo Chit Station (last skytrain station, on the norh of Bangkok)

Next step home... what to do?

We take the bus?

or motorbike?

Second try:

Well, finally we decided to go back two station and take the 'easy' way. Minivan and elevated expressway to a dry zone near home (our island surrounded by water)

Some changes and a new wooden walkway
Life must go on!  :)

And yes, the level of water seems a little lower if you compare with the last weekend.


Check appartment done
Back to Bangkok Bangkok

This time I have the camera on, but was too far to take a good photo of Don Mueang Airport, argh.
The water level is a lot lower than last weekend.
note: NO, Don Mueang Airport is a domestic flights airport near Bangkok and hasn't anything to do with Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok International Airport. The international one is safe and totally dry.

Cars parked all along the elevated expressway

That's all

Luckily water hasn't arrived to all districts in Bangkok...
Luckily water is receding... (see updated level in front of 7eleven)

But still some zones will have a underwater New Years Eve :S

(que no somos naide vamos)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Here they come...

And for a change on the 24h/24h flood immersion and just for showing that life still flowing on Bangkok, last sunday we went to...

shinning new IKEA, an exact replica of any of them around the world.
And of course, it was packed. Hell on earth :)

Stairways to heaven