Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Crónica de una inundación anunciada

Well, welcome again to the worst non often (almost never) updated blog of the net. And for not shocking anyone (if any stay alive out there) it will be just a short post (no kidding you weren't surprise). Just a sputnik beep beep before going back to work.

For those that were doubting about my whereabouts in this amazing time of flooding life on Bangkok just saying that everything is OK and thanks everyone for your mails, messages, facebooks and others. At least for us in any cases everything is ok, unfortunately I cannot say the same for a lot of people living around Bangkok. An amazing disaster, perfectly unorganized and misinformed by too many people. With all the misinformation and political disputes around... I feel like a peace of home near me (o sweet Spain) :)

And there are some little drawings along the last weeks around here:

like 4weeks ago or more

2 weeks ago (exaggerate in the flood extent at home but the last minute freelance modification for a client while having to leave the apartment is a true situation)  :)

1 week ago...

to be continued...

PS: Another day I will talk about the amazing lack of real international news on the different countries in the world. More than one that I talk with was surprise when explaining the real situation here in Bangkok, the real extents, still amazing, yes. And be careful that I am not talking about news journals in Europe I think the same all around the world. Whoever want to be informed from news around the world better go direct to BBC or CNN and forget the national newspapers.

Back to work now hop hop

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Anonymous said...

Chico que nos tenían muy preocupados, Rocío estaba a punto de llamar a tu madre (imagínate ya al límite al que llegábamos). Venga que una duchita no te vendrá mal…sinceramente hasta donde te llego el agua y lo más importante…el coche sobrevivió? (hay que ponderar las verdaderas prioridades). Un abrazo enorme.
Jorge y Rocio