Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last week was 'cold' in Bangkok...

(and any excuse is good for changing guard robe for a day)

PS: Don't worry, after 4 strange 'cold' days (even 18ºC!), the warm bangkok has come back, as usual. Guess nuclear winter still far. Better now, I have to admit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tom waits: an amazing voice

(an attempted portrait)

You can love his music or just not being in the mood for it (it happens), but you cannot deny his clearly unique style, voice and personality.

And that's not a new selling strategy (as so much singers do this late times). Enjoy an interview at his 29 in the magic of youTube archives. Smart guy.
(and yes, smoking was contemplated in a different way not so long ago)

For more just do your own tour on youTube, but there's two more:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Illustrations on fmixlab (not even an alpha version)

As if I hadn't enough things to do...
There's a project long wanted to start.

On the geeky/programmer side was the learning on how to do a site easy to update, with an admin PHP section, a mobile version of the site, plus testing a non flash approach of the web, finally is just a change of technology (yes, the html5 shining world and all the bla bla bla...). On the illustration side, well, still dreaming on trying to do something with all my doodling/drawing/illustration :) .

A new illustration section (some quite standalone web by itself) for my site.

Go and see by yourself

Now it will be just time to fill it a little with better stuff...

(And yes, you can add comments to the images or other 'troglodyte' messages.)

Some screen shots:

and the mobile version

PS: Of course there's plenty of room for changes on script side or design but well, better have it online :)

Sweat surrender...

Badminton sweat to death sunday

Just some photos from last sunday. We went to play badminton. I won't detail how much hot was playing with an unique fan in an enormous oven like indoor place...
Let's say that as the wise words of Bruce Lee "Be water, my friend", I became sweat myself, performing some kind of innovative martial art.

But that's not the only reason of this post. The thing is that this sport place is an old cinema (amazing old fashion theatrical one) that has been rearrange to have instead a 6 badminton court inside. I did some photos with my mobile but they are not terrible. Next time will have to bring my real camera. I insist an amazing place!

And a great sunday fun!

PS: Other thing, I insist, cyborg thai don't sweat!
Or I sweat too much.. perhaps. As one of them said when seeing myself wet from top to bottom: "It's funny". ha ha :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Roller girl

Long time without posting a color drawing...
so there it is

and thought would be fun to put some work in progress steps
from the initial thumbnails

to the differents steps

(should try to do this more often)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bicing in Bangkok


So yes, the bicing service, as in Barcelona (amazing design similarities!), but in Bangkok. You can rent/borrow a bicycle and go around Bangkok... at you own risk.

I suppose you don't have to appreciate enough your life for trying a bicycle in the middle of Bangkok. Only for foreigners, kamikazeeee ones!

Saturday Temple Marathon Fever Day

What started like an innocent 'do you come with us to the teeeempleeeee?' was really a temple marathon trap.


Why to see just 1 temple if you can have 9 temples in a day!
my own new record!! YIIIIIJAAAH!
And for proof here's the list.


So let's follow my dear torturers and let's the party go on...
and on...
and on...


(note the hour on the corner progression)

Too slow to put it all on blogger but there's a quick link to some other photos. You will need a google account. Enjoy! :)

Dropmocks gallery

(you will note the hour on the last photo, he he, nervous laugh)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gadgets craziness...

Those late years I am really amaze how we are going to an increasingly gadget overload world. Let's be honest, putting aside the geeky/freaky first "woooooww! sooo cool! i want ooooneeee NOW!" moment, in general, who the hell really need these 'things'?. Moreover, if we add the fact that these 'caprices' are becoming really expensive ones, or at least too much expensive for a non indispensable object, what's the point?

Another day perhaps, if in the mood, I will talk about 'the regular yearly last updated gadget that you have to buy' (Apple, becoming boring, infernal business cycle)

But today there's... the AR.Drone! Yiiijaaaah!

(Yeah! It's so cool as pricey and 'useless'!)

and an article about it

How I see it is more like this... :)