Monday, January 31, 2011

How to enjoy 3D films (in a REAL cinema made for it)

It seems so simple...
You take a wide room, a really big big one, where you add sits in amphitheatre disposition. In a way that even having a Celtics player in front of you, you still be able to see the film easily. You add to this, a gigantic Imax screen and an amazing surround sound system.
There you have!

(sorry for my poorly done drawing)


And that's how we saw last saturday 'Tron Legacy' (in Bangkok). Really, for those who says 'why 3D?', 'where's the big deal?', bla bla bla... just I have to say that, in these conditions, and even with a somequite bad plot (sorry but, truth be said, the story was pfffff very very 'light'), the experience is just
AN AMAZING SPECTACLE! What it's mean to be a 3D film!

And why I say all this? Shouldn't be obvious?

Yes, it should. But I don't think some cinemas in Barcelona (where I use to live) think the same. So here's my delayed angry letter to Movie Theatres there. Movie theatres like Cine Bosque or Cine Icaria(sorry but for the original version there's already not so much places to choose, then 3D+Original Version... no comments).

Icaria Yelmo, for example, offers you an almost flat room (better not to have some one in front of you) with an amazingly small screen. All this with not so much spacious sits.
This is not a way to see 3D films, that's all.
And if even in these conditions you have to overpay the ticket cause oooh is a 3Dfilm i am sorry but this is stealing your money.
Other question, why in Maremagnum Imax they still only screen documentaries? (no clue)

Just for finishing with the subject, I will say that I think the same for regular, non 3D films. Screenings in other cinemas like Verdi, where the rooms are small, flat and with a not so big screen, are just so bad as the 3D screenings that I was commenting. What's the point of going to see the film on a cinema screen when you start to have better conditions at home? Wouldn't be a good idea to come back to the bigger cinemas of the past? (Cine Bosque was just one amazing screenroom).

Well, enough with 'las rabietas del abuelo'. Sorry for the interlude.

For the moment and until it changes (I know it will change, ugly fucking progress) I will continue enjoying the real Movie Theatres of Bangkok. Enjoying cinema as it has mean to be seen. :)

(PS: there are some nice cinemas still existing in Barcelona, yes, but in original version I still don't remember any)

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