Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Healthy sport

So, here I am, restarting on a healthy routine of work and sport (and selfsacrifice hobbying and others... but let's keep it out of here). Yes, sport time is back, that's one of the pleasures of having a gym room on the same condominium we live (will talk another day about the swimming pool :) but let's not be cruel for the moment).

However I question myself sometimes if it's not too much to really go there for running. At 28ºC (winter temperature) let's say I could just go there, stand still for an hour and come back. Sauna therapy. But no, what would be the point? No pain, no gain! Let's run!

And now the quiz question of the day:

Of the following 3 persons (2 thai and me, the foreigner), guess who am I?
(click on the image to get the answer)


@kristinajl said...

I also saw non sweating cybors in Japan last summer, real human shaped robots :)
Please keep your comments about the swimming is too painful ;)

mld said...

Poor thing...!!!Are you pretending make me jealous... or envying you? OR WHAT!!!!! Here is freezing... ---3º I'm not joking my dear 'melted' nephew!!

fmix said...

yeah, have listen on the online radio station about 'alerta amarilla' in Spain due to the cold weather. Same same as in Bangkok, he he.
Have to admit it, sandals in winter still just being one of the best discoveries of my life.


fmix said...
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sebastia said...

Manda güevos!!! no tan solo hay que aguantar al sobrinillo en la piscina y en chanclas (horrísona foto, per certo), sino que encima habla en raro y todos los comentarios parecen en inglé. En Vic estamos estos días a -7ºC, y qué pasa? Maricas todos esos que acojonaos sus vais a paises cálidos, y la excusa de haberse casado con una stranjera no es suficiente. Con todo, HAZ SITIO!!!

Anonymous said...

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Manolo said...

Benditos 28 grados,¡Quién los pillara! y además con gimnasio en casa...te compadecemos.