Monday, August 01, 2011

Koh Lan and the 'self paparazzi grabbers'

Some weeks ago we went to Koh Lan.

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(An island not so far from Bangkok, on the Gulf of Thailand)

It's curious to watch how some foreign tourists act out of their homeland. Don't misunderstand me, I think all of us do it in a certain degree (it's easy to spot the shouting Spaniard all around the globe), but sometimes, c'mon...
it's too much.

So there on the beach there was these group of grown guys (would say Indians but don't take my word too seriously), like a group of testosteroned adolescents, running by the beach and grabbing any occasion to do photos of themselves with the poor bikini girls that agree too. It was a pathetic scene to see. The old HO HO HO guys 'grabbing' the surprised,'don't know what to do' girls for a photo.
I can understand the attraction of the white skinning or even the so much naked parts of the body to enjoy

Here's some sketchs of the scene...

And a cleaner one

PS: Of course the girls could have said no and that's all. But well, I think they were so much surprised by the scene to react as me.

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