Saturday, June 25, 2011

Enjoying 'La guerre d'Alan' by Emmanuel Guibert

Sometimes you find people like this, people that you will stay listening for ever, sharing coffee and rainy afternoons, listening about their life and past experiences. That was the case between Emmanuel Guilbert (the autor) and Alan Cope (the teller). The first listening and the other remembering.

If you are those who like the good storytelling, the listening of others interesting life experiences, I strongly recommend you this graphic novel. Emmanuel Guilbert do an excellent job, the transcription and illustration of the life of Alan Cope through his participation at the end of world war 2 is just impeccable. So enjoy, choose you cosiest sofa, boil your coffee and prepare to listen to Alan Cope particular war experience.

Highly enjoyable.

PS: And yes, long time that this comic is on the book store's shelves, just haven't have the occasion until now :) Better later...

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