Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Inside the Actor's Studio: Clint Eastwood

Coming back to Bangkok I have the opportunity to watch again 'Gran Torino'. An amazing film, with a seemingly simple story, a great storytelling, great direction, great characters and a hell of a great Clint Eastwood. As with Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood with his 80years (if I don't say wrong) stills bringing us the joys of good cinema. And I don't told for this last Gran Torino but for a very long list of great films in front or behind the camera.

For those who enjoy Clint Eastwood there's an interview from Inside the Actor's Studio.

Have to add a mention to Inside the Actor's Studio by James Lipton. It's a rare joy to find good interviews and a rarer thing to find really good interviewers. James Lipton is one of them. The right voice, the right tone, the respectful listening, the appropriate interventions, the questions,... Just great work. Enjoy :)
(Johnny Depp, unleashed Robbin Williams and a lot more)

And there's my attempt to draw Clint ha ha (sorry man)

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