Friday, June 11, 2010

I used to hate Brel...

Long time ago, when been a child, I used to hate Jacques Brel music. Well, to be honest, he was not the only one. I hated Brel, Brassins, Leonard Cohen and a long etcetera of melancholic crazy torturers, that my father used to put forever in the car. He was the driver and we were his victims for long hours of listening pain. 'Old torturing music', hell on earth! And no fucking escape possible (children security lock, what a stupid invention)!

But luckily, sometimes, when we grow, we 'mature' (not always) and some tastes change. We stop listening the music for listening the lyrics... and...
The rediscovering is an amazing experience.
You start to understand the why of your father putting the same tape over and over. The why of being this f#* singer so famous.

"Les vieux","Les bourgeois","Ces gens-là","Les bonbons","Au suivant"...
they are just ones of a long list of masterpieces. He was a really amazing author.

and there's my little homage (or try to)

And if any time you can see any documentary about him or better, any interview, just sit down and enjoy it.

PS: Other rediscovering of an stupid boy, me:
Leonard Cohen (thanks to my father again), Sabina (thanks to Oscar), Johnny Cash (thanks to Lionel), Nick Cave (thanks to Pepe and Raquel) and plenty others that I discover thanks to my favourite music furnisher (el tio Sebas).

I have lot of time to catch...

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