Thursday, May 20, 2010

flipbook v1 (alpha version)

Well, there it is. Have finished programming my own flipbook. Version v1.0 alpha :)

The idea:
doing my own version of some of the flipbook you can find on the web (flash+external xml)

The purpose:
a simple portfolio for people that wanna show their work but don't want to code (too much). Just an xml for changing the content of the flipbook and voilà!. Did I tell that is free?

Secondary purpose: my own portfolio he he he.

Future: A start for doing more programming projects using AS3 (flash). Constructing 'tools' for people with no intention to script.

I wish I will keep updating with other projects soon. To be continued.


dani said...

Not bad!!!!!!

Are you sure there are not other tools like that?

Some suggestions:

- export to pdf
- embed portfolio on other sites
- connect to flickr

fmix said...

Ha ha ha
There are plenty :) and better ones too. If you follow the link on the top left corner I talk about it.
My intention was not to do a remake of (better and with plenty of other options), but to do my own version. Call it a pretest.

I note the suggestions thought. Principally the flickr option seems me a good one for the easy to upload new images feature and keep update.

To be continued then...

PS: I forget to put a link to, for other really good aplications with flicker and more :)