Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Long time ago I give a try to watercolour. He he he Brilliant disaster time! After a shameful result in a too dirt, too much layered, wavy paper painting I decide that I wasn't made for it. Too difficult to control.
Some weeks ago and thanks to having seen my father watercolour paintings, I decide to give it a second chance, this time, with at least a good 100% cotton paper to try. It was just great! It's true that my use is more like colouring than doing a real painting, but at least I could arrive to control what I wanted to do. And right, is a such a flexible medium (now I know)! And the texture is such nice...
It was a great rediscover. Wish to be continued.

PS: If you wanna try watercolors I advice you to choose good paper, it's expensive yes, but it changes your life. :)

There's some tests (still a lot to learn thought)

and this was a first try but colours got a little wrong (sorry honey)

Ah yes, and my scanner sucks :)

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